Adam Clark

A seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in Wealth Management spanning over 17 years in South East Asia. Throughout my career, I’ve cultivated extensive expertise in the expat financial sector, providing tailored solutions and exceptional service to clients across the region.


With a solid foundation built over 17 years of dedicated service, I’ve earned the trust and loyalty of numerous long-term clients who can attest to the quality results and personalized attention they’ve received under my guidance. Many of these satisfied clients have graciously shared their experiences through testimonials featured both on this website and on my LinkedIn profile.

Beyond Wealth Management, I’ve also played pivotal roles in steering and overseeing large-scale projects across Europe and Asia. These ventures have included the development of a diverse range of establishments, from a sprawling 25-acre leisure park to multiple successful restaurants. Most recently, I’ve been involved in spearheading the creation of a bespoke medical park in Thailand, demonstrating my versatility and leadership in diverse business landscapes.